Harley Quinn #40

Writer: Frank Tieri

Artists: John Timms and Moritat

Colors: Alex Sinclair & Jeremiah Skipper

Spoilers ahead!

Harley’s back to her good ol’ self again, complete with a fascination of sticking things up Hugo Strange’s butt. Harley doesn’t waste any time heading back to Coney Island to put the hurt on Tweedledee and his legion of potential Tweedledums. It’s a pretty cool moment when the owner of Nathan’s Hot Dogs (Nateman’s Hot Dogs? I forget what it’s supposed to be) and the rest of the store owners come out to cheer Harley on.

Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze and Killer Croc have been duking it out on the beach for control of Coney Island. Quinn doesn’t waste any time letting them both know she’s the head honcho around here. While Harley doesn’t have any qualms beating Freeze with her bat, Killer Croc is another story. Quinn tries to appeal to his sense of reason, whatever little may be left. After all, he did kinda kill several people in the last couple of issues. But he has a sob story of a tortured past, so Harley offers a team-up redemption.

So will they join forces in the next issue? I mean, yeah, they probably will.

It’s great to see Harley have a sense of agency once again. She’s sort of been in zombie-mode the last few weeks, and we get to see the full spectrum of what makes Harley great in this issue. She ain’t afraid to crack some jokes, but she’s also willing to see the beauty in the most tortured among us. It won’t be long until we finally get this Harley vs. Penguin showdown we’ve been teased with.

Overall score: 9/10

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