The Wild Storm #23 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato

The penultimate issue of Warren Ellis’ Wildstorm reboot is finally in stores. Another fantastic chapter in an endless stream of high quality comic book artistry is what I expected, and it is what I got. The creative team is on point with practically every decision made herein, and I’m one lucky fan!

Picking up from the very last panel of the previous issue, this chapter begins with a bang! The team not yet known as the Authority, though we readers know them as such, destroys the last Skywatch UFO in the sky and attempts to make a little small talk before all hell breaks loose yet again. This is by far the most beautifully colored issue of the series. The layouts and designs are exemplary. Ellis’ humor is very much on display here too.

The big plot point here is, in a weird way Wild Storm’s own “war of the realms,” as the world is being blown to bits and all roads lead to NYC. As IO and Skywatch pull their proverbial triggers the Authority crew jump portals to New York and basically, after some pep talking, decide to try and save the world. How hard could it be?

Only one more chapter to go in this exquisite sci-fi techno conspiracy alien disasterland. Will the Authority save our F-bombed world? I cannot wait to see how this wraps up and where we go from here. Catch up in trade or go back into your back issue bins to find out how the storm got to this desperate finale.