Justice League #41 Review

Script: Priest

Art: Philippe Briones

Colors: Jeromy Cox

Spoilers ahead!

First things first, if you think Red Lion looks rather familiar in this issue, you aren’t alone in that he bears a striking resemblance to a certain Marvel hero currently dominating the box office. Although to be fair, Priest created Matthew Bland a.k.a. Red Lion in Deathstroke Rebirth #1, and Priest was also responsible for revitalizing the Black Panther comics a while back, so let’s let it slide.

The Watchtower came crashing to Earth in the last issue, and now the League has to navigate complicated political waters as they invade an African nation to retrieve the technology. Everyone seems to want to get their hands on the Watchtower.

Lest we forget about the League’s #1 Fan, he gets into a fight with Batman. Batman actually manages to gain the upper-hand, but he’s left in an interesting dilemma. Batman can arrest him, send him away like so many criminals before. But the Fan knows everything about the League. What’s Bruce Wayne to do?

As enemy forces descend upon the chaos in Africa, Wonder Woman’s goal is simply to get the children out of harm’s way. She gets into an argument with Superman, but when one over-zealous soldier shoots Superman, the bullets fly off him… and right into Diana.

Priest has done an amazing job with this arc. The action often takes a backseat to the moral quandaries our heroes are placed in. What’s the right thing to do in all of these situations? And the truth of the matter is that there’s simply no easy answer.

The heroes, who are used to fighting for good against evil, have to contend with the reality that sometimes, the right decision is hard. Sometimes there is no “right” decision. There is only the decision the causes the least amount of harm. Batman has to deal with this in figuring out what to do with the Fan.

One thing’s for certain: Simon Baz’s lunch with Superman better be epic.

Overall Score: 9/10

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