Detective Comics #1001

Peter J. Tomasi, writer
Brad Walker, pencils
Andrew Hennessy, inks
Nathan Fairbairn, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

This issue continues the short story that teased the Arkham Knight in the special over-sized issue #1000. This issue begins with Batman answering a call from Jim Gordon in which they discuss the phenomenon of the dead bats they found all over Gotham and in the bat cave. Batman leaves to interview Francine Langston, The She-Bat, who is shown injecting herself with a serum which transforms her into a bat. Batman follows She-Bat who flies to The Gotham Park Zoo and The Bat-Safari exhibit. He finds clues for the reasons behind the recent onslaught of bat deaths. The investigation is interrupted by The Arkham Knight and his followers who attack Batman.

The most entertaining portion of this story are the dead bats and the possible connection to The Arkham Knight’s and his well-organized attack. She-Bat was previously cured after a confrontation with Batman and the resurgence of her powers sets up a potentially interesting team with Batman. I’m interested to see her return and how she will aid in the coming conflict with The Arkham Knight. Even more, will she be an adversary or a supporter of Batman? Furthermore, it’s unclear by how the story begins whether Batman will have the resources he needs to stop this current attack. This ambiguity in the story piques my interest and makes me hopeful that The Bat will meet his match in the coming conflict.

The high point visually for this book occurs in the middle when Francine Langston is transformed into a bat and flies over Gotham. In particular, she takes a nose dive into a building located in Gotham Zoo which creates a very interesting visual of a large bat slicing through the air. The second highlight comes at the end of the issue when The Arkham Knight arrives to fight Batman. I love his mechanized suit which is regal and high-tech. I’m a fan of The Arkham Knight concept, and it’s nice to see a character with tech that rivals and even surpasses Batman’s because it challenges and pushes Batman to his limits.

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

This issue begins a new story arc for Detective Comics and reintroduces old characters. It’s clear that The Arkham Knight intends to inflict major change in the Gotham landscape. It is yet to be revealed if he will succeed. This we know, with Tomasi at the helm, the story will be interesting and well-connected to the Batman we have known and love. I highly recommend this book for people who long to read a traditional Batman adventure book.  

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