The Flash #42 Perfect Storm part four

Written by, Joshua Williamson

Art by, Dan Panosian

Colors by, Hi-fi

Letters by, Steve Wands


The last issue ended with Barry seeking help from Godspeed, in Iron Heights Prison, so that he can access the Speed Force and restore his powers. Wally West, The Flash, went through Central City saving its people from Grodd and the Black Hole organization. Meanwhile, Avery and Kid Flash go against Wally’s directions by going to Central City to save Meena from the control of Grodd.

This issues begins where the last issue ends. Godspeed calls out Barry for seeking his help, the criminal, because he couldn’t get his friends to help. Godspeed correctly questions whether Barry wants his powers back to save others or to save himself. As this is happening, Avery and Kid Flash confront Meena who they try to persuade to leave Grodd and the Black Hole. Meena appears to be open to leaving the Black Hole but changes her response and calls on Multiplex, who has multiplied endless numbers of Black Hole troops to fight Avery and Kid Flash.

In the background, Grodd knows Barry’s motivations better than Barry knows himself. He correctly anticipates that Barry will bring the wand to him, which will allow him unprecedented access to the Speed Force. Godspeed and Barry arrive just in time for Godspeed to save Avery and Kid Flash from Meena. In addition, Barry successfully gains access to the speed force with the wand and regains his powers. Unfortunately, he loses his team as the final panel reveals that they are now under the control of Grodd.

Overall Score = 9/10

Final Impressions

The art in this issue was different from what the typical artists, Howard Porter or Carmine Di Giandomenico, would produce. However, I really enjoyed it because it was gritty and blunt and fit the emotional themes of the book. The two important emotional themes in the book involved Barry’s selfish motives, which result in him compromising his team. The second theme has to do with teamwork. The Flash’s team shows a willingness to sacrifice everything for the sake of Central City and each other. The selfless motivations of the team are in strong contrast to Barry’s motivation, which are selfish. Barry states that he is the only one that can defeat Grodd and the Black Hole. Barry’s selfish motives backfire and his team suffers. What will it take for The Flash to learn?

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