Titans #21 Review

Story by Dan Abnett
Art by Paul Pelletier
Inks and Colors by Andrew Hennessy and Adriano Lucas

Last issue we were introduced to the antagonists of this arc who were revealed to be Monsieur Mallah and Brain. In their employ was Cheshire, who was used to gain Roy’s trust and obtain the ingredients for the new street drug causing havoc on the streets.

I gotta be honest, I kind of expected Roy to spend most of this issue wallowing in self pity after Cheshire duped him yet again and tricked him into breaking his sobriety, but all it did was make him even more determined, and it really makes me like the guy so much more than I already did.

We discover in this issue that the new drug on the street distributed by Intergang is allowing Brain to tap in to everyone who takes it to create a neural network allowing Brain to become a hyper intelligent being, who while multitasking, has figured out climate control (hooo-eeee).

During this issue, Roy has a tough time convincing his Titans buddies that his latest sobriety slip was not his fault, but Donna, Dick and Wally are not buying it, and this leads to predictable results. Diana starts to sow the seeds of doubt in Donna’s mind and Dick and Wally try to take Roy down as we get treated to a great fight between the three of them which takes place over a few pages.

Dan Abnett’s story has a clear focus on Roy and his relationships, as his outsider fears play out in this issue with friends and foes ganging up on him. The title of the next issue is Think Bigger and that’s what Abnett wants us to do with this neural network story. It will be interesting to see how far he will take it in the next issue and if the Justice League will stick their nose in yet again, since they have disbanded the Titans and this may require a team-up of sorts to remedy the situation.

The artwork is just what you would expect from Paul Pelletier and he is nothing if not consistent. I’m done criticizing his work because it would be redundant to do so. Inks and colors from Hennessy and Lucas are good and help the issue come to life.

If you’re not sure what to make of the Titans Apart arc so far then don’t worry – you are not alone. We now know that the upheaval of the Titans is taking place to set everything up for Scott Snyder’s No Justice crossover series. So for now, I am okay with letting the chips fall as they may.

6.5 out of 10


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