Red Hood and the Outlaws #20

The Story

The issue starts off with a low level henchman checking his phone. He is at a party thrown by his wealthy girlfriend Emma, and she notices immediately that he is checking his email which is somehow crime-related. After a quick banter back and forth, Emma indignantly walks away leaving Ben standing alone.

The next page we see a truly badass looking Red Hood sitting in a chair with a gun in one hand and a book in the other. The room is dark and he is serenely watching Jakoby Frum, an international munitions dealer, sleep. Jakoby wakes to see Red Hood watching him and aggressively confronts him. Red Hood threatens Jakoby saying he can either go back to his country or get a bullet through the brain. You see, Jakoby is here doing illegal business with Penguin, and Red Hood is seeing to it that it never goes down.

When he’s done ridding Gotham of Frum, Jason meets up with Artemis and Bizarro at a local diner. Artemis is confronting Bizarro about how he’s been acting lately, manipulating them, and being secretive. As usual, Bizarro eludes the allegations.

The three split up to run various errands, but the “errand” Jason needs to run is to tail Bizarro with a cloaking device activated on himself so as not to be seen. Bizarro shows up to a meeting of criminals. It is here that our low level henchman from earlier, Ben, is trying to find work. As Ben is about to make the right decision and walk away from this dangerous get-together, Bizarro comes in and releases a toxic gas which almost kills everyone. But at the last minute Bizarro uses his super breath to suck up all the toxic gas and saves them. Jason then turns his cloaking device off because he knew that somehow Bizarro realized he was there anyways. Perhaps he heard him, or could smell him, or both… Bizarro felt ashamed that he almost killed a room full of people, despite the fact that they were all criminals, and Jason simply said, “Let’s just be thankful you didn’t do anything that you’ll regret later.” Then they walk out and leave. I thought this was an interesting scene because that quote from Jason applied to both Bizarro and Ben. When Jason said this to Bizarro, Ben was in the foreground and they were in the background. Ben was at the door coughing from the gas and trying to leave because that’s what he decided to do before Bizarro even showed up. So this part presented two people deciding to make the right decision and walk away. It was as if Jason had been talking to Ben as well. Good job Ben, whoever you are.

Back in the floating base, Artemis broke into Bizarro’s secret liquid kryptonite bathing room. Bizarro catches her and is standing behind her in a haunting way, holding her axe. The issue ends with Bizarro saying, “I wish you had not done that, Lady Artemis.” Is Bizarro about to turn on her? It sure looks that way. It appears that something serious about to go down. We’ll have to find out next time in: Do you really want to know….?


As usual Red Hood and the Outlaws does not fail to deliver. Scott Lobdell tells his story every week in a very light hearted and sometimes very humorous way. His writing is on point, and the character interactions are quite believable. This unlikely trio of heroes creates my favorite team in DC at the moment. Dexter Soy and Veronica Gandini on art is likewise stellar. The art in this book is reliable for every release of a new issue. You know it will always visually look fantastic when each new issue releases. The colors are generally dark which is perfect for a Gotham scene, and despite the humorous undertones here and there, it’s serious when it needs to be. This title never misses its mark, include it in your pull for the week.

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