Trinity #15 Review

Trinity #15

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: V Ken Marion
Colors: Sandu Flores

In this finale to the Dark Destiny arc we find Circe planning the execution of the final part of her plan to get back her soul by sacrificing the Trinity to the Pandora Pits.

I’ve liked this arc from the beginning because it just reads like a good old fashioned superhero story. You know bad guys want to to do something sinister good guys swoop in against all odds and save the day. Rob Williams does a great job bringing the arc to a great end and particularly with a little character insight to Circe. She actually shows a vulnerability and loneliness that wasn’t perceived in the previous stories. It’s not everyday you actually feel sorry for the villain but this is one of those rare occasions. Great dialogue from everyone else rounds out the story very nicely to present a great end to a great arc.

V Ken Marion drew the Trinity as well as every character in this issue just about as good as you can present these characters. Classic looks and expressions mixed with a bright but not too bright tone and color usage from Flores makes the art pop and jump off the pages as it has done for every issue of this arc.

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