Batwoman #9 Review

Batwoman #9

Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist: Fernando Blanco
Colors: John Rauch

Trapped inside a nightmare wonderland in Kate Kane’s mind Batwoman and Colony Prime have to find a way out so they can stop the Many Arms of Death. Standing in their way though is none other than the master of fear Scarecrow and he’s determined to see if he can push Batwoman’s mind to the breaking point.

This is a great psychological story as well as a story of inner strength and vigilance. I love how Bennett breaks down the two heroes minds in a almost story within a story revealing their worst fears. We understand that Kate Kane is a tough person but this issue shows just what grit and toughness she has with trying to stay off Scarecrow attacking not only her own mind but Prime’s as well. She will not, cannot allow them both to fall and it’s amazing to see her unrelenting character never waver in the face of being bombarded by fear after fear and it’s just amazing to see her rise as we all know she can.

Blanco and Rauch deliver a dazzling display of color and dark tones in the art. The contrast between having a brightness in one panel and darkness in the other really should keep even a seasoned reader on their toes. Scarecrow looks horribly great as ever and I’m really digging the imagery throughout the mind sequences that really add to the psychological aspect of this issue.

Witty dialogue, a unrelenting character with an iron will and great colorful art make for a really good book that no reader should miss.

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