Nightwing #33 Review

Nightwing # 33

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Javier Fernandez
Colors: Chris Sotomayor

In the fourth part of the Raptor’s Revenge story arc we find Nightwing stuck in a building with not only a fully roided up Blockbuster but also an army of transformed bystanders who are being infected with a modified version of the blockbuster serum that basically gives them all the strength but none of the brains. Meanwhile Raptor puts into play his plan to hurt Bludhaven once and for all.

I like the action in this issue. It doesn’t seem to take a break for one second. Seeley keeps the reader out of breath with panel after panel of action until almost the end of the book. The dialogue between Dick and Roland is interesting as well. Here are two guys forced to work together to find a solution to the serum problem but they still mange to get quick jabs verbally on each other. Also we get a glimpse of Raptor’s character development in this issue. He actually feels maybe a tad of regret and maybe sadness when he talks about not being able to kill Nightwing. I don’t know maybe that will come back to haunt him or maybe he will surprise us all who knows.

The art is done well in this issue. Fernandez and Sotomayor deliver not too bright colors or extravagant splash pages but the book really didn’t need that. The tone needed a bit of darkness to it and they deliver it. I love the expressions on the infected just pure rage against everything and everybody.

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