Justice League #8: Legion of Doom Part 2 Review

Writer: James Tynion IV
Art & Cover: Mikel Janin
Colors: Jeromy Cox

Spoilers ahead!

From the title alone, you can tell what the hook of this issue is. Scott Snyder is no longer on writing duties, but James Tynion IV offers an intriguing look into the Legion of Doom’s machinations. Luthor is still trying to gain control of The Totality, and to get it, he’s recruited something even Joker appears afraid of: The Batman Who Laughs.

A good chunk of this issue is a conversation between Luthor and BWL. There may not be a ton of action but seeing these two madmen interact is fascinating. Luthor has gone to extreme lengths to capture BWL, who has plans of his own. After his initial failure, it’s clear Luthor is flying dangerously close to the sun. Every other member of the Legion is wary of this new endeavor and for good reason. BWL makes it clear he could escape Luthor’s trappings any time he likes, and if he becomes another player in the quest to control The Totality, things could look extremely grim for the Justice League. And while Luthor is ambitious, he’s a mortal playing among the gods.

For the last couple of issues, I’ve felt Cheetah and Black Manta haven’t gotten much to work with. While their story takes a backseat, they finally make an impression in this issue. Cheetah literally kills a god, and when the Legion squares off against the League again, they’ll definitely put up one hell of a fight.

Much like the last issue to focus on the Legion of Doom, this is an intriguing issue. While it doesn’t offer much in terms of action, I’m certain it will play an integral role in the stories to come. It’s almost like we as the reader are psychologists gaining crucial insight into the minds of monsters. It’s a little scary, but you’ll find yourself coming back for more.

Overall Score: 9/10

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