Aquaman #40 Review

Story by Dan Abnett and Rob Williams
Pencils by Joe Bennett
Inks by Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by Adriano Lucas
Variant Cover by Joshua Middleton

Are you ready for the Sink Atlantis finale? If not, that’s okay because yet again Harley Quinn is ready to deliver her own version of a recap to get you all caught up at the beginning of this issue. It never seems to get old to have a new character react to Quinn’s meta synopsis of any given situation as Master Jailer gets the privilege of hearing her latest recap as the Suicide Squad and Aquaman try to figure out how to safely detonate a nuke that Lord Satanis has activated.

It seems Dan Abnett and Rob Williams are really enjoying their collaboration on this crossover arc as the jokes continue to flow even here in the pages of Aquaman, a title of often somber and dark storylines, where very little comedic moments are sprinkled in. The tension and action that unfolds for Satanis’ demise are quite pedestrian but a necessary evil so that the story can reveal who the true hero will be this issue, and it is not Aquaman, in case you were wondering.

When the inevitable prevailing occurs the story shifts to a meeting between Queen Mera and Amanda Waller as they discuss their roles in how the crisis unfolded and what potential diplomatic relations can be fostered between them in the future with Waller the more keener of the two. Waller is a definitely a keep your friends close and your enemies even closer type of person and that is what the writing is spelling out here as she may yet play a large part in Atlantis-U.S. relations.

The art in this issue is quite good and features several single and double action splashes that really deliver quite a punch. Joe Bennett’s pencils are adequate but are then punctuated by Vicente Cifuentes inks which deliver the necessary amount of detail required to make each panel come together quite well, especially when a little more pencil detail would have been preferred. The colors by Adriano Lucas are not over the top bright, but what they do well is show the tone contrast between sea and air so that you can really appreciate the scene changes.

The art that I really want to highlight though is the Joshua Middleton variant cover and the Aquaman comic con movie poster included in this issue by Ivan Reis. This variant cover is going to be a guaranteed day one sellout. His cover features a gorgeous close up of Mera and Arthur in close proximity with their foreheads tilted toward each other as both their eyes are closed and there is a warm sunset and dark Atlantis silhouette in a reduced foreground. Shippers of this couple are going to lose their mind over it, Middleton has done it yet again.

Even if you are not enjoying the Sink Atlantis crossover or Harley’s meta synopsis and general humor is not your cup of tea, it should not deter you from picking up Middleton’s variant cover of issue #40, it is just that good. Wow!

7 out of 10

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