Sex Criminals #25 Review

Writer: Matt Fraction
Art: Chip Zdarsky

[Spoilers for any preceding issues]

Issue #25 brings together all the central characters after having been mostly separate for the duration of this 5-issue arc. Issue #24 left us with Suzie’s house burning down due to her mother’s heavy duty vibrator short circuiting. And it’s phrases like that that perfectly distill the story telling in Sex Criminals. There are big huge emotional events (house burning down), with ridiculous sex filled details at the edges (mom’s heavy duty vibrator).

And this is no different in issue #25. Suzie and her mother deal with the aftermath of their house being destroyed. Jon deals with his new found high point in his history of mental health struggles, whilst dealing with the lowest point of his living situation. Issue 25 ties up loose ends from all the internal turmoil and external chaos that this series has served up previously, without feeling rushed or too neat. And this issue managed to pack in a whole lot of down-to-earth romance. Anyone who enjoyed Alix’ explorations with Carl Sagan for example, might enjoy Dewey’s explanation of Jon & Suzie’s relationship, showing that science can be as poetic as any art form.

I found myself feeling this issue was just as cathartic to read as it was for its central characters and had me cheering through the last 7 pages of Zdarsky’s beautiful art.


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