Kino #7 Review

Writer: Joe Casey
Colourist: Jessica Kholinne
Penciller: Chris Cross
Inker: Rob Stull

Very rarely does a comic book come along where I am completely enthralled and excited within, not just the first issue, but some of the very first pages. Casey and his team have already met every expectation I had for Kino. But this issue built upon their achievement with such ease that I was left in awe from panel to panel. Kino is quickly becoming one of my favourite Lion Forge titles. Dare I say it has surpassed Accel.

Haspiel and Cortez successfully captured my curiosity with their vibrant cover. If you’ve been enjoying this book, then this issue will not disappoint. Casey delivers another strong entry that builds lore and raises further question. Every panel and intersection between the characters feel like it’s edging us closer to the completion of Aturo’s intricately stitched schemes. Every time we see his or Meath’s face, the art team delivers particularly stunning visual cues that reel me in further then the story already has.

With the title being so fresh into its run, it would be easy for me to declare this to be my favourite issue so far, however, it’s definitely a close second behind #1. The standout for me was witnessing the ‘fight’ between Kino and Crank. I preferred Crank’s design to what we have seen from the previous ‘villains’. The sheer size of him and his artillery serves as the perfect manoeuvre for testing Meath’s mettle. However, it will be interesting how much deeper Casey delves into his journey of self-actualization.

Issue 8 can’t come sooner, and that says it all when it comes to my view on what Kino #7 delivered. The artwork and story are firing on all cylinders. This book continues to be a stand out among the titles I am following, and it is deserving of a 9 out of 10.


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