Barrier #4

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Marcos Martin
Colors by Muntsa Vicente

In the last issue, Liddy and Oscar attempted to escape from the room they are both locked in. Doing so, caused a fire and the ship reacted by flooding the room.

In this issue, Liddy & Oscar find a way out of the flooded room and into some sort of planetarium and encounter some very unique and terrifying creatures.

This issue was a short read and has not answered any questions of if Liddy & Oscar will make any step towards returning home, or any question of the aliens. The Barrier miniseries has one more issue left, and with how the series has gone so far, the last issue does not sound too promising.  Vaughan did some great things with this issue. Oscar’s past came back up and showed more of why he made his way into America. Liddy and Oscar’s relationship is growing, in which it should due to wanting to survive, but to what end? Vaughan’s work with Martin and Vincente is still amazing in Barrier’s vibrant colors and grusome realistic human remains.


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