The X-Files Case Files: Florida Man #2

Written by: Delilah Dawson
Art by: Silvia Califano and Elena Casagrande

Part 2 of this X-Files Case Files was much better than part 1. This two parter was like a five minute version of a filler episode from the show using lower end writers and directors. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t crazy about this one. The writing bothered me more so than the art in part 2. Both bothered me in part 1.

We have a weird cult that uses “bath salts” to drug people into being eaten by alligators? Okay. The cult is some weird hybrid of Florida lore and Egyptian mythology. As a huge fan of Egyptian history, I was fairly interested with the inclusion of the mythology, but there wasn’t much inclusion in general.

With IDW releasing these X-Files comics, we have the case files, which this two parter falls under, and we have the JFK files. So we have filler episodes with weird stuff and government conspiracy involving aliens. This is pretty much the gist of the X-Files. The JFK story is way better, and I don’t know how interested I am in continuing following the case files if they are all like this Florida Man story. The writing was not great. Mulder comes off annoying and trite, and Scully is one dimensional. There are some attempts at humor that make it feel cheap. It’s a great example of the worst ranked episodes from the show. The ones where you don’t really care to watch again and has no real purpose to the overall story. Sorry to be such a Debbie downer, but I just did not like these Florida Man issues.


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