Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #27

Written by Kyle Higgens
Illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colors by Walter Baiamonte
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

WARNING: This review contains spoilers for issues #27 and 2018 annual #1

In the last issue(s), the team learned of the dozens of Ranger teams that follow them throughout the years and worlds. With the help of Jen Scott, the Time Force Pink Ranger, the Rangers are able to go to the Samurai Dojo of the Samurai Rangers and help Lauren, the Samurai Red Ranger, escape Lord Drakkon and his army. Lord Drakkon has invaded several Ranger teams, including Dr. K’s team (Power Rangers RPM).

In this issue, the Rangers take action to help and gather as many Rangers after seeing the impact of Drakkon’s invasion throughout the morphing grid. Zordon is able to send out a warning throughout the grid in hopes to give some Rangers a head start on defending themselves in a future attack from Lord Drakkon’s forces. A response to Zordon’s message comes in from Dr. K., the leader of the RPM rangers, with information on how to defend against Lord Drakkon’s dragon cannons.

With this information the team splits up to help different Rangers. Jason with Lauren to retrieve Dr. K, and Billy, Trini, and Zach to answer a distress call from a familiar face.

This issue was action packed with cameos of all sorts of different Power Ranger teams. Kyle Higgins is helping the comic universe of this franchise grow with endless possibilities for the future of this book. This event is still in its infancy, but the stakes are still high with possibly an even higher body count. The Rangers are beginning to form a plan, but there’s no telling what Drakkon has planned for his end game. Daniele Nicuolo’s art was amazing in this issue. The double splash page with Zordon and the large variety of Rangers brought the book to life.


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