Harley Loves Joker #2 Review


We continue this week with our tip of the hat to Batman: The Animated Series. Paul Dini, co-creator of Harley Quinn herself, writes another fun issue in this conclusion to Harley Loves Joker.

In this issue, we get to explore the psyche of Harley Quinn as she talks back-and-forth with her old psychologist-self like a schizophrenic. Recall Harley’s old college nemesis, now a criminal half human and half Grison, joined the team. She is upset because now Joker is paying very little attention to her and is actually being outright mean to her. Alas, it’s an elaborate ruse to exterminate the Grison, and Harley just didn’t know it. Despite Joker’s abusive attitude towards Harley, she stays loyal to him in the end. After all, Harley does love Joker. At least she thinks she does… Pick up this comic (and the first issue if you haven’t already) if you want to put a smile on your face.

This was a great comic. There are many funny moments in it that you just have to read to appreciate. The art is, again, cartoony yet super detailed. I was excited to turn each page because, even though the overall story is somewhat predictable, you can’t really guess how you will get to the predictable outcome. That’s a nice touch. The ending is happy but at the same time, it’s actually quite dark too. Remember in issue #1 when Harley said she locked some innocent rich people in a cargo ship and literally stole their mansion home? Yeah, well pick up this issue to find out what happens to them. Again, this mini-series was serious, yet not-so-serious.…funny, yet dark….Cartoony, yet and an artistic masterpiece. So many contradictions, and all around fun. Include this in your pull for the week.

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