Super Sons #15

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by, Carlo Barberi
Letters by, Dave Sharpe
Inks by Art Thibert

Reviewed by, Tom Zimm


In the last issue, Damian fought his mother while Superboy fought the League of Assassins. The issue ended with Damian’s mother escaping. Afterwards, Damian and Jon have a heart to heart about Damian’s past life as a member of the League of Assassins. Damian reassures Jon that he is motivated to make the right choices so that he can prove his mother wrong.

This issue begins at Lexcorp where Dr. Weller and Dr. Ruz discover that Kid Amazo, a Human synthetic powered by the Amazo virus, has escaped. Transition to the Super Sons HQ where Damon is working while Jon is eating some food. As they start to plan the weekend activities, an A.I. flies through the window of their HQ. Water rushes into the HQ, Superboy makes an impulse decision and dives into the water after the A.I. Robin yells for him to stop because the A.I. has Amazo armor, which makes it as powerfully equal to that of the Justice League. However, Superboy continues, which leads to a confrontation with the Amazo armored A.I. Meanwhile, Robin rushes to get the rebreathers which will allow them to breath under water.

Superboy holds his own, but eventually runs out of oxygen. Robin saves Superboy, arriving with the rebreathers and disrupting Amazo for a brief moment. The Super Sons make their way to the water’s surface; however, they are very deep, and Robin runs out of energy. Superboy takes over bringing Robin almost to the surface before he is stopped by exhaustion. Cyborg arrives to save Robin; however, Superboy is held captive by Amazo!

Overall = 8.5/10

Final Impressions

This is an action-packed issue with some anxious moments. The battle with Kid Amazo was high stakes and really flushed out the strength of the relationship between the Super Sons. The book ends with a major cliffhanger: what will happen to Superboy? The art is gorgeous with vivid colors, facial expressions, and characters drawn showing the emotions of the situation accurately. I highly recommend this book despite being cancelled with the final issue released in May.

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