Sonic The Hedgehog #3

Written by: Ian Flynn
Art by: Jennifer Hernandez
Colors by: Heather Breckel
Letters by: Corey Breen

This issue was fun but a bit of a fast read. With the introduction to fan favorite and newest meme sensation Knuckles, and Wisps. Wips are a special alien species that were once captured by Dr. Eggman but freed by Sonic. Each one having a special “color power” that can be bestowed onto a chosen being or item.

As Sonic reaches the town that Knuckles is helping, he notices that he’s a bit late to the party as Knuckles is destroying that last of the Super Badnik. Upon investigation Sonic & Knuckles find that the civilians are prisoners in their own town, enslaved by Mercenaries, Rough & Tumble. In the end with a little help of the Wisps once Sonic reminds them he saved them once before, Sonic and Knuckles capture Rough and Tumble and celebrate with a party.

Meanwhile in the mysterious lair of what we can only assume is Dr. Eggman, the voice of the one we have not yet seen notices Knuckles is away from his post at Angel Island, leaving the Master Emerald unguarded.

As said before, this issue was fun, the re-introduction to all of these heroes and odd characters like the Wisps makes this world grow in such a small time. Hernandez’s art wasn’t my favorite in this issue, this one seemed a bit too cartoony and very comic book-ish. Compared to last issue where the art seemed to flow really well from panel to panel, this art seemed to just be pictures made into a story. This does not however take away from Flynn’s awesome writing. He is able to put in just enough action with every issue to keep the pace of an action adventure but also keeps us wanting more with the mystery person at the end of each issue.



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