Redneck #9 Review

Redneck #9

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Lisandro Estherren
Colors: Dee Cunniffe

The Bowmans have suffered much in their immortal lives but now they suffer from a sneak attack from Landry, still harboring a century’s old grudge against Bartlett and his clan. Now using his own “flock” that he has created Landry looks to undo the Bowmans once and for all.

This has been one of the best non super hero series I’ve ever read and Donny Cates writing gets better and better with every issue. This one really goes into the psychological aspect of Landry’s decent into a wee bit of madness mixed in with a side of messiah complex. That and he enjoys killing to make him all around model psychopath vampire. Cates is letting loose a true evil in Landry and giving him a strong foothold as the story’s villian. Also he paints Bartlett extremly good as the desperate hero just trying to hold his family together through these rough times. Something tells me it won’t be too much longer before we see a Bartlett unleashed and unchained. Right now he’s just trying to keep it together for everyone but I think Cates is building him up to truly step up to the mantle of head of the Bowman family.

The art continues to offer a grit and hardness to a story that needs exactly that kind of feel to it. Estherren gives characters that have that hard edge to them that fits the story perfectly. You can see the struggle in the characters faces trying to cope with not only keeping some of their humanity but just surviving a almost non stop assault on their senses and physical beings. It just adds a real depth and meaning to the story as well as the characters themselves.

With a deep psychological angle married with edgy art, this issue is sure to deliver a great reading time for any comic fan.

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