Southern Bastards #19 Review

Southern Bastards #19

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jason Latour

Southern Bastards may not have the most consistent schedule, but that’s quite alright.  I would wait for forever and a day to read the next issue because each issue always leaves me wanting more. Issue #19 is no exception because it ends on a cliffhanger.  Not only did this issue have an amazing ending, it also had awesome story to tell in the rest of the issue as well.

Coach Boss has been in charge for a long time but that may changing, or maybe he still is? Leave it to Coach Boss to just flip the script and throw everyone for a curve. He even had Esaw thinking he had lost his back bone.  He makes an example out of McKlusky, a bloody one at that, and it motivated his Rebels to a victory. Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have a great feel for Coach Boss and it shines through in this issue.  In the previous issue, it seemed like Coach Boss was done, but Jason Aaron and Jason Latour remind folks never to doubt Coach Boss.  He may be back on top, but it may be short lived.

Roberta Tubbs still wants her revenge on Coach Boss, but she may not be the only one. This is where the issue ends, and it’s great.  The other person that wants his/her revenge on Coach was someone that was introduced a few issues ago and hasn’t really been heard from since.  Once again Jason Aaron and Jason Latour know how to end an issue, and that is by leaving the reader excited to pick up the next issue of this remarkable series.

I have picked every issue of this series and I’m glad that I have. The story continues to amaze and the art continues to match the gritty tone of the book. The duo of Aaron and Latour can do no wrong when it comes to this superb series, so I’ll always forgive the schedule this book has.  If a title is amazing, I could care less about the schedule.  Southern Bastards is an extraordinary series and issue #19 is a perfect example of that.

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