Green Lanterns #38 Review

Green Lanterns #38

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: German Peralta
Colored by: Hi-Fi

The issue starts off with Jessica Cruz and Regent Vok hitting a Red Tide Stronghold along with a very quick contextual recap which I can totally appreciate. The Red Tide is a Militant group on Ungara whose leader, Kesh Cur, assassinated an officer of Vok’s while attempting to pin it on refugees from another planet. Regent Vok’s daughter is running with Red Tide, but supposedly saw the error of her ways. So she ratted them out. Now we are on a hunt for Kesh Cur so that the Lanterns and Vok can bring him to justice.

There is one part of the issue where Simon and Jessica meet up in space above Ungara and have a little hissy fit / pitty party with each other. That seemed a little pointless to me. The story could have done without that. It is becoming more and more difficult for me to have any real respect for these characters. Moving on…

Thanks to Liseth’s information and striking out at Red Tide strongholds, they all make it to Kesh Cur’s hiding place. It is here that he is using a surge engine to become more powerful. Before he completely overpowers them all, Liseth comes to the rescue. She stabs Cur in the back and out of the chest killing him. As the issue ends we see that Liseth is really still a bad person and Kesh Cur was her pawn that was too weak to use their surge engine to its fullest potential. Find out how the Lanterns will get out of this situation next time In “Red Tide Rising.”

One thing that I strongly dislike about the direction Green Lanterns has gone, is the decision they’ve made to straight up pander to the social justice warrior movement. I won’t get political in this review, but I will point out that this isn’t what our comics should be about. Just….stop bringing that crap in to our stories. Ever since Humphries set the stage for a pro-SJW read with his last issue on this title, the whole thing has been one big progressive liberal rant. I have bit my tongue in my reviews about all of this because it’s not where I want to take it. I am not saying whether I agree or disagree with anything, all I am saying is that political discussions and arguments have infiltrated every aspect of our lives from Hollywood to social media, and now it’s slithering into our comics. It is already a major part of what ruined Marvel. I am afraid that it will ruin DC as well. It makes me sad. Again, I’m not going to get into my views because they don’t matter, but read this issue closely, there are direct correlations made that not all people agree with. So to pick a side and brainwash it into your readers is gross. I think I am about done with Green Lanterns all together. I really don’t care what happens next because I feel like this title is more about selling a political viewpoint rather than telling a story. And again, that’s gross.

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