Mother Panic #6 Review

For me, this is the best issue in this series thus far. It opens with Mr. Layton and his flunkies talking about the bomb squad and how useless they are. Not a false comment considering the Gotham museum of science and technology was blown to bits in a previous issue when he was attending the ribbon cutting for the addition of the Rosemary Layton memorial wing along with the Laytech software corporate building. His plan is to call in his own help, but before he can get the words out his vehicle explodes. His son was spared death thanks to mother panic in the last issue. Mr. Layton himself wasn’t so lucky. We see a silhouette of Pretty in the background and we get another taste of his fairy tale poetry.
Mother Panic #6

Pretty is obviously still very sour about his partnership with Mother Panic ending so swiftly. Violet goes to drink her sorrows away, not upset about the death of Mr. Layton but more upset that he is just one man on the totem pole. Pretty did them both a favor, but he is still out for blood. Hers and theirs alike. He hides in the shadows stalking his pray, Violet goes home to sleep it off completely unaware that she is being followed.Mother Panic #6

Pretty enters her castle, surprisingly easily considering her vast wealth and who she is. Why no security? He creeps around the property and see’s a woman in a white lab coat. Being delirious and tortured the way he was he makes assumptions that she is indeed a member or former member of gather house. while attacking her Rebecca (Violet’s mother) Hears the voices and goes to get her daughter. There appears to be some kind of Alice in Wonderland area of her massive mansion. Rebecca was sitting on a giant mushroom talking to her rat buddies with no explanation to any of that yet… it’s rather confusing.

Mother Panic #6Violet quickly throws on her costume and stops pretty with very little effort, hearing all the commotion Otis comes out from the cellar to see what is going on and with a simple point of his finger.. the rats begin to jump on pretty and DEVOUR HIS FACE. This was the best moment in this entire series. Violet is shocked.. seemingly the only person to feel that way as everyone stands around watching like this is a normal day in the Castle… Otis makes his introduction to Violet we get a brutal glimpse at pretty’s face.. which, needless to say, is not so pretty anymore.

All in all, this was a great issue. I would still like to know more about Otis and his rats and how Rebecca can talk to them. Including how that all could tie in. However, I am sure we will get those answers eventually.

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Mother Panic #5
Written by Jody Houser
Art by: Shawn Crystal, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, John Workman, Shawn Crystal

Published by DC
Release Date: April 26th, 2017

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