Teen Titans #7 Review

We pick up right where we left off in the previous issue, Aqualad has made his appearance and we cut right into the action. KING SHARK and the titans are going at it. The fight doesn’t last long when our hero’s start to argue and show us how new they are to being super hero’s. They’re kids.. they’ll get better. while the team argues King Shark makes a quick escape.
Teen Titans #7

Back at Titan Tower Robin lets the rest of the team know he basically planned for their failure. weighing every possible outcome is wise, but you have to trust your team too right? Robin placed a tracking device on King Shark who has returned to his base below Alcatraz and we see a glimpse of this new army. Prisoners who have been promised freedom so long as they fight for him.

Teen Titans #7Aqualad stumbles into the room mid-conversation much to robins surprise and he is not met with welcome arms. Out of all the spin-offs robin being the leader has always been stern.. had that grumpy demeanor, we expect it. In this series, he is absolutely vicious. He has chosen his team carefully and has no plans of expanding it. Aqualad is shut down immediately with no chance of explanation or wonder as to what his abilities are or how he may be an asset to the team. Aqualad and King shark making their debut? SEEMS FISHY TO ME.

Bonnie Chung goes live from Alcatraz to send a message from King Shark. Knowing where she was I feel like they wasted a lot of time arguing instead of going after her.. anyway before This massive shark man can even begin his threats our team bursts through the walls of Alcatraz and handle the minions of King shark pretty easily. Kid flash and Raven team up and manage to clean these guys up swiftly and with ease.

Teen Titans #7This leaves King Shark and robin above water to duke it out between the two of them. Robin is dragged under water and guess who rescues him!? Aqualad quickly dives after him. This scene was well done because he is obviously just learning about his abilities.. so while under water, he realizes he can’t breathe. Just as he is about to pass out and then BOOM his gills appear.

While this villain was specifically for Aqualad to realize his power but this issue was well done. Robin recognizes he has some skill, gives him a uniform he was working on and allows him to stay while telling him not to get too comfortable.  King shark meets up in a secret location and we get to see black jacks introduction. However, they are obviously working for someone more sinister. You will have to read this to find out who!

More Info

Reviewed by Shaun
Teen Titans #7
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by: Khoi Pham, Phil Hester, Wade Von Gawbadger, Jim Charalampidis, Corey Breen

Published by DC
Release Date: April 26th, 2017

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