Batman #16 Review

So I have been missing out a lot lately on comics. With our local store closing down and life being just that. I had to play catch up recently as the last Batman comic I read was Batman #10, between #16 and #10 quite a bit happens. As this review is for #16 I will keep it to just that, however I will not be doing written reviews for the ones I missed, if you would like to hear my thoughts on those, tune in to our PodCast on 2/14/17 for Episode #27.

Now lets get into this comic, we are entering the new arc titled “I am Bane”, which ties in off of the last one “I am Suicide”. If you enjoyed that last arc you are sure to enjoy the entry into this one. Then again even if you didn’t I would find it hard to believe that you didn’t enjoy this comic. It has everything from action to comedic relief, it reads wonderfully and ends with a nice cliffhanger.

While Bane does not show up physically in this issue, he can be felt throughout it. Impending doom looming above is a strong feeling here. Batman needs time (specifically 5 days) to cure Gotham Girl using Psycho Pirates mask. After which he can destroy it, something that Bane is aware of. Mix that in with the embarrassment that Bane received from Batman in I am Suicide and you get some strong animosity from Bane.

To pair with the super serious tone of what is being setup for I am Bane, we get a hilarious and light hearted scene with all of the Robins and Batman at a Bat-themed fast food joint. While this is funny it clearly feels out of place. With Bruce telling all of the Robins to skip town because Bane is coming and he will not have their deaths on his hands. Fast forward to the end of the comic and we see why it felt so out of place. King wants everyone to know that Bane is not to be messed with or taken lightly.

This ending leaves you on the edge of your seat and you want to know more. This will be one to remember, even Bruce himself said that “Bane may be stronger than me” now that is the fight I want to see.


More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Batman #16
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch, Jordie Bellaire, John Workman
Published by DC
Release Date: February 1st, 2017


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