Green Arrow #44 Review

Written by Julie & Shawna Benson
Art by Javier Fernandez
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Deron Bennett

Citizen has proven he is willing do do anything in order to serve justice to those who have been able to lie, cheat, and steal their way into the positions of power they may have. With the public execution of one slumlord, Citizen chooses three more targets, one including Oliver Queen.

Julie & Shawna Benson have been given time to really get a grasp of the voices in this ongoing title. Since their start in the Annual No Justice tie-in, it was hard to see where Julie & Shawna were going with the series and with Oliver’s character. Although not much of the comedic relief Ollie has been shown in this run for Green Arrow, the subject matter doesn’t really call for it. With this arc being a little bit on the darker side, I admire that they keep Oliver in the same tone and not go after the quick quips or random jokes.

Surprisingly in this issue, a little more weight is added to Oliver’s shoulders as Citizen reveals to the public that (spoiler), when he was younger. This brings more to the table for the book as a whole. It gives him more of a reason to step away from the man he was before as the stereotypical billionaire. I may still think Citizen is a cliche villain, but shedding this new truth about Oliver helps bring a little more appreciation to the character. It’s only a matter of time before we get to find out who Citizen is, but I’m sure he will still leave a psychological toll on Oliver before everything is said and done.

As far as the cliffhanger of this issue, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Here we see Superman, the big boy scout himself arrive, wanting to have a word with Oliver Queen. This isn’t the first time the big guy in blue has shown up in Green Arrow’s book. Recently in Oliver’s road trip, he found himself teaming up with plenty of heroes and even stopped in Metropolis. Superman has a small tendency to show up unannounced when heroes are getting involved in politics ( Aquaman vol. 8 #6). Although it is fun for heroes to cross over and really show how well DC’s universe is connected, I only hope this is not one of those moments where Clark attempts to fix the problem. Green Arrow has not had to many wins in this recent run, and it would be nice to see Ollie do this on his own.


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