New Challengers #3

Written by Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie
Art by Andy Kubert & V Ken Marion
Inks by Klaus Janson & Sandu Florea
Colors by Brad Anderson & Dinei Ribeiro
Letters by Deron Bennett

Just when things started to make sense, everything is turned upside down and shaken in this crazy roller coaster journey for the New Challengers of the Unknown.

With an older team claiming to be the original Challengers of the Unknown now in the picture, the true intentions of Prof are now being question by all parties involved. The origins of the mystical bone artifacts have now been revealed, and there are still so many questions that need to be answered. Three issues into this series is starting to run in circles. The Challengers of the Unknown seems to be the type of series to enter the realm of complete confusion in order to throw random surprises into the story. For newer readers to the series, the confusion of the separate teams and the quick end of (spoiler) at the end of the books questions why (spoiler) was introduced in the first place. The connective tissue of the events in Metal will pique readers interest but only for so long.

The potential for this book is in question because of the other New Age of Heroes stories being told in The Terrifics, Sideways, The Unexpected, and Immortal Men. Because of their particular power sets and storytelling everything that can be told in this series can also be told in those books, unless a clear path is made for each book or possibly a crossover event. It is hard to see where DC is wanting to take these stories, or if they are simply using these books to fill in the void in their weekly lineup of books.

The art of Andy Kubert and V Ken Marion have been easy to follow throughout the book and stayed consistent with each transition of setting through the book. Although the transitions are clear from one artist to the other, it’s hard to understand the reasoning for the transition in the first place. The tone of the story is the same throughout so unfortunately the art is not used in that manner.


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