Harley Quinn #33 Review

Harley Quinn #33 Review

Writers: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
Art: Bret Blevins, Otto Schmidt, and Moritat
Colors: Alex Sinclair and Otto Schmidt

The last issue saw Harley Quinn in full-on homicidal mode: killing everyone responsible for the death of her main man Mason. In this issue, we see the aftermath of all that carnage and a much more subdued Harley. Or at least a subdued Harley for like eight pages until she starts beating up roller derby girls again. The result is a Harley Quinn issue that just feels…hollow.

The first few pages with Harley comforting Mason’s mother, Madam Macabre, are touching, but then it quickly descends into madness when Harley goes back into her apartment wearing a bunch of meat around her neck to feed all the critters she has cooped up in there. After going to the beach in completely inappropriate attire for a hurricane, Harley runs into her old roller derby buddy. Shortly after, she gets back in the rink and lets out some of her aggression on Victoria Fit. And then, the issue ends with Harley and Poison Ivy appearing to take off for Mexico.

This issue barely leaves an impression. The mayoral race, which had a lot of potential, is won by Roberts (which I totally called by the way). Politics are all but forgotten, so now we just have Harley being sad one moment and then seeming to be back to her old ways the next.

There was one part I thought was interesting, but the issue did not really explore it. At one point, Harley discusses the five stages of grief with some of her buddies: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This had me wondering: what would those five stages look like for Harley Quinn? What would Quinn be willing to bargain to get Mason back? What would a depressive episode look like for her? Unfortunately, that’s not what we got. I guess we just have to wait until next time to see Harley and Ivy pull a Thelma and Louise.

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