Nightwing #29 Review

Nightwing #29

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist Paul Pelletier

Nightwing #29 is a Dark Nights: Metal tie in where we find Nightwing and his Gotham Resistance fighting the monstrosities that have come out of the mountain that appeared in Gotham City. If that weren’t enough they have to contend with Mr. Freeze who has been given power by “The Bat who Laughs”.

Tim Seeley gives us a nice little tie-in to go with the main Dark Nights: Metal storyline. Thoughts pop up in Dick’s head throughout that add some good backstory as to why Nightwing is defending his old stomping grounds . There are good action sequences throughout almost the entire story, as well as good dialogue from all the tights-wearing crowd that have gathered in Gotham.

The art of this issue stands out in a few ways. I don’t care who draws; him The Bat who Laughs is gonna give me nightmares. He’s freaky and creepy and he’s scary! There… I said it. Also the evil Robins are especially freaky, creepy and scary,  but thats what they are meant to be and Paul Pelletier has done an excellent job in making them so. Mr. Freeze has a new look as well and it’s awesome (trust me).

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