Green Arrow #27 Review

Rebirth see’s Green Arrow aka Oliver Queen, back to basics a rich kid trying to fight the man. After Oliver’s world got turned upside down, the 9th circle (A world bank of evil people) frame him for murder, Oliver makes bail and leaves to travel the world and stop the bank. This is “A Hard Traveling Hero”.Green Arrow #27

What is this all about?

‘HARD TRAVELING HERO’ part two! Oliver Queen is a pillar of morality. A champion of ethics. The essence of truth. Or at least he thought so. The self-described people’s hero Green Arrow crosses paths with the Justice League’s real paragon of virtue, Wonder Woman, when his cross-country fight against the Ninth Circle puts both heroes’ muscle and mettle to the ultimate test.

The Review

The last issue, The Emerald Archer teamed up with the scarlet speedster, to investigate animals with speed force. We see the duo breaking into the white house in Washington D.C, the Ninth circle was there leaving a crime scene. Barry collects all of the available samples and head backs to star labs. the Ninth Circle, seem to be causing chaos to make the public fear war, thus causing the war. A war all in the name of profit. Green Arrow #27While Interrogating a suspect, Arrow is grabbed by Wonder Woman, who simply tosses him aside like it’s nothing. While the duo argues the suspect attempts to shoot them, easily blocking the bullets, Diana lunges at him. Oliver shoots an arrow in an attempt to beat her. Diana grabs the arrow out of thin air and goes to attack the suspect when they set off a flash bang and escapes.

Meanwhile below Star City, Black Canary and Emi Queen (Oliver’s Half sister) are undercover to stop human trafficking in the city. They break cover and steal a laptop, it’s encrypted, but will lead them to “The Auctioneer”, The leader behind this. Dinah uses the lasso of truth to ask Oliver if he is guilty of the murder, which he is not. They attend a hearing outside of the Washington Monument. The speaker, a Senator, is attacked by an RPG. Diana catches the missile and Oliver yanks the senator to safety. Green Arrow #27Oliver gives a speech about how there is no truth only propaganda. Diana suggests Oliver run for mayor with his ability to give speeches, they instigate the shooter, he’s one of the Ninth Circle Members, but is wearing Lexcorp armor. Next issue Oliver is investigating the “Fattest Cat of them all” Lex Luthor.

Final Words

This is a great return to form for the Emerald Archer. Bringing back his hardcore liberal attitude, his hatred of the rich, and of course his Pretty Bird. Any fan of the darker 90’s run and the More recent Kevin Smith run of Green Arrow can jump right in and enjoy. With this arc being reminiscent of the classic Green Lantern/ Green Arrow road trip comics, fans will love it!

More Info

Reviewed by Eric Butler of Crossover University Podcast
Green Arrow #27
Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Jamal Campbell, Nate Piekos

Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: 07/19/2017

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