Batman Beyond #32 Review

Written by Dan Jurgens
Pencils by Rick Leonardi
Inks by Ande Parks
Colored by Chris Sotomayor

Batman Beyond #32 serves as the 2nd chapter of the “Divide, Conquer and Kill” story arc where we see Batman trying to understand his new villain known as The Splitt. Batman understands that The Splitt is really two people working together but it’s not until the end of the issue when Batman starts trying understand what he’s dealing with here.

The pacing of the issue played out nicely with us getting to see the story unfold from several perspectives. From Terry’s view he seems over confident when facing his new foe which comes back to bite him in the ass when he takes a beating because he thought he knew what he was dealing with. This is a rookie mistake for someone calling themself Batman so this tells me that Terry still has plenty of learning and growing to do as the Bat.

Looking at the events of this issue from Matt’s perspective, we see a character who is very smart and pretty tech savvy as he’s shown to be able to quickly piece things in his effort to save his brother’s life by hacking into the computer systems of the building Batman nearly died in during the beginning of this issue. I honestly really liked Matt in this book because you could see how much he cared about his brother Terry, and we also got to see just how good of a sidekick Matt can be as a Robin if they really let him spread his wings more as a character. But within this issue I really enjoyed Matt as he just reminds me a bit of a young Tim Drake.

The mission of the story’s villains seems pretty straight forward and run of the mill as we see the two working together to steal certain experimental tech from old top secret Powers Technologies. Without knowing what they’re taking or what their end goal is, I can’t really say much about where this might go, but the story is written well enough that I’m left wanting to see where this story will go.

Ultimately I thought Batman Beyond #32 was a pretty good read with solid artwork all throughout. I think there’s enough moving pieces at play with the story that make you wonder what will happen next and how all these separate elements will connect as well as what that will mean when they come together.

I give Batman Beyond #32 a 7 out of 10.