Action Comics #1011

Brian Michael Bendis, writer
Steve Epting, art
Brad Andersen, colors
Josh Reed, letters

In the previous issue, Leviathan operative Kate Spencer murders Director Bones of the DEO. Clark and Lois go undercover to gather evidence about Spyral and other anti-criminal organizations previously thought to be legal. In this issue, Lois obtains evidence about The Spyral organization. Superman and Lois take the evidence to Gotham where they have a conversation with Huntress to verify the evidence. Huntress cautions them but has a strong negative reaction when Superman informs her that he left Amanda Waller alone in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman and Lois return to The Fortress of Solitude and learn that Waller disabled Superman’s helper robot Keelex, stole one of Batman’s life-pods, and escapes.

This is a classic Bendis crime-noir story with Superman stuffed in the middle. This mystery story is wrapped around several organizations Argus, The Spyral organization, and Leviathan, and their true intentions. It turns out that these organization have been working together to spy on superheroes. Lois gets a leading role in the story as an investigative journalist and wordsmith as she uncovers evidence and exposes The Spyral organization. Superman feels like a tag-along as he mostly re-words information that Lois has previously discovered and verbalized.  The story slogs a bit but I remained engaged and interested to see how Lois and the team find a way to take down the criminal organization, Leviathan.

The art is shadowy, cryptic, and dark, building on the mystery surrounding the criminal organizations that have plagued society. The panels are well placed and build the story in a smooth way that makes it easy for a reader to follow. The most interesting part of the book occurs when a shadowy figure confronts Jim Harper as he lays recovering in a hospital bed. I have no idea what is actually going on but not knowing builds my interest.

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

I’m warming slowly to this Superman crime-noir event involving Leviathan. Superman appears to be out of his element and struggling to keep pace with Lois as she uncovers the power-players involved. Will Superman play an integral role? More importantly, will Lois unravel the masterminds behind this large criminal organization? We will see. I highly recommend this story to fans of the crime-noir genre and Superman.