Teen Titans #30 Epilogue

Adam Glass, story
Bernard Chang, art
Marcello Maiolo, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

In the previous issue, Damian fights Deathstroke after learning that his security system at his secret underground prison was compromised. Deathstroke confronts Damian for lacking the conviction to follow through on his plan. The other members question the ethics of Damian’s plan: to falsely arrest and confine criminals in a secret underground prison and inject them with an enzyme that becomes toxic if they escape. (Spoilers) Deathstroke dies during his confrontation with the Teen Titans. This issue tackles the aftermath of Deathstroke’s demise, and The Teen Titans response to Damian and his initiation of the Terminus Agenda. Will his team ever trust him again to be their leader or to be associated with as a hero?

The interesting part of this book has to do the conflict that arises from the distinct viewpoints of important members of The Teen Titans. Damian and Red Arrow live in the real world where criminals are treated like criminals and where heroes do whatever it takes to stop them. D’Jinn, Kid Flash, Crush, and Roundhouse live in a world where values drive decisions and no matter who the villain is and what they’ve done, heroes always stick to their values. The conflict is interesting because of the consistency with which the author sticks to what readers know about key players. Damian is dark, secretive, self-reliant, and willing to do anything in all of his appearances in DC comics. Kid Flash is naive, innocent, conscientious, and values-driven. How will The Teen Titans team change as a result of this huge riff? Only time will tell.

The art continues to be strong in this issue. Probably the most interesting panel occurs at the end of the issue when they tease the next villain of The Teen Titans: Lobo. There are other highlights, which occur when The Teen Titans fight each other. Crush throws Kid Flash, and, Damian about a country mile. The visuals add nice perspective for the distance between these character in the moment. Damian appears as a snarky, self-reliant, know-it-all with cryptic facial expressions and a determined-looking jawbone and eyebrow.

Overall 9/10

Final Impressions

This issues represents the aftermath of The Terminus Agenda and its consequences for The Teen Titans. The most interesting battles come from inner conflict and disagreements among team members. This issue cleverly handles this dilemma and prompts readers to feel the weight of Damian’s decisions. I highly recommend this issue for fans of The Teen Titans for its potential impact on the composition of the team moving forward.