Justice League #24 Review

Written by Jorge Jimenez and Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

Justice League #24 is a touching personal story about a father raising his son that also shows Superman struggle through the quiet moments when his mind has time to imagine everything that could go wrong. This issue is also an epic space battle that features the Legion of Doom helping the Justice League escape from a cosmic armada lead by Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen of all people. In the final arc of this issue Batman is enlightened by the World Forger of his place in this newest crisis, and what it will take to get us to this future Utopian society that we’ve seen so far in this series.

I really feel like so many awesome moments were on full display in this issue from the biggest space scenes to the smallest quiet moments. Seeing Superman look up into the sky at night during a heavy rain feeling disappointed because his son felt let down carried a lot of weight to it as we learned another of Superman’s weaknesses: Grey Kryptonite. As we find out through a brief narration by Superman, he tells us Grey Kryptonite is what Lois calls the moments during small failures when Clark has time to think of everything that could go wrong if he wasn’t there to help, or worse, if him helping is the reason the planet will die. It’s in these moments that Clark starts to doubt himself because during the big moments his mind doesn’t have time to think about anything other than saving the day. I really enjoyed this brief but important addition to Clark as a character because it’s something that further humanizes him and shows us that at the end of the day the Man of Steel is still a father who cares about protecting his family.

I found the second arc of this issue to be very fun as we got a chance to see older versions of various members of the Legion of Doom redeeming their past mistakes by helping our heroes from the present day get back to the 6th dimensions earth so they can stop the World Forgers plan to replace our multiverse with this Utopian multiverse we’ve been in during this story. It’s Sinestro who stands out the most here as he seems to be leading this future Legion, and he also warns our Justice League of the threat that Luther will present and what he will become. So I’m definitely very excited to learn more about that in the issues to come.

The Batman and World Forger sections of this issue bring about the the biggest revelations that this chapter has to offer as Batman learns what it will take to make this future a reality. I don’t want to spoil any of that for you, but I will say that if Batman agrees to the World Forger’s plan, it could rewrite in your mind how you see Batman going forward from here. The final panel provides the biggest question of this series so far, and I’m not sure how this will all end, but it’s got me even more excited for the next chapter as the battle for the future is set.

Ultimately I thought this was an incredible issue that had so many amazing things happening that it’s hard to talk about all of them. There’s just so many interesting and fun things happening here, and I loved how the separate threads are starting to link up as we near the end of this sixth dimension arc. I for one cannot wait to see how Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez and James Tynion IV wrap up this story and push us forward going into the Year of The Villain.

I give Justice League #24 a 9 out of 10