Justice League #23 Review

Written by Jorge Jimenez and Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

In today’s story, we see our heroes of the third dimension battle the future villains from the sixth dimension in an attempt to escape the prison planet they’ve found themselves trapped on. Meanwhile, it’s up to Batman to decide the fate of the Multiverse and the life of Superman. All of this and there’s still a surprise plot twist that you’d never see coming.

Reading Justice League #23 is like eating a steak dinner, you’ve got your baked potatoes, green beans, corn, biscuit and main course of tasty steak. It’s all made just the way you like, it will surely fill your stomach and leave you feeling full, but outside of the part where you’ve added in some gravy, there isn’t much that sticks out far enough that makes this tasty plate of comic book reading very special. It’s a solid read and it moves the story forward, but I feel like it’s that issue in between two big issues, right before the ending builds up, that is just kinda there.

Just to further clarify, I did really enjoy this issue. The story moves along in meaningful ways. We learn more about this dystopian future and its citizens. The World Forger puts Batman’s heart and mind to the ultimate test. We get a really fun flashback of Jonathan Kent as a kid which I know a lot of people will enjoy seeing, and my favorite part is when our heroes find hope in the most unlikely of places.

A major highlight of Justice League #23 is the stellar artwork on display by series artist Jorge Jimenez who, aside from doing a great job drawing our favorite Justice Leaguers, has also been working closely with Scott Snyder who returns to this issue to pen the words as Scott, Jorge and James Tynion the 4th have all worked together to craft this rather enjoyable story arc. I love the teamwork from the three as coming together for the greater good is one of the things that the Justice League is all about.

Ultimately I felt this was a pretty solid read and enjoyable chapter in the Sixth Dimension story arc, but when you compare it to the previous issues in this series, it somehow seems less than special which is a bit unfair when you put into perspective just how amazing the previous issues have been. Nonetheless, this book still remains to be amongst my most recommended titles to pick up this week.

I give Justice League #23 a 7 out of 10