Adventures of the Super Sons #10

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by Carlo Barberi
Inks by Matt Santorelli
Colored by Protobunker

In the previous issue, Hex, a robot bounty hunter, learns that the Super Sons escaped from the prison planet Takron-Galtos but promises to help them find transport to earth. However, they must first confront Rex and his band of kid-alien villains  who have plans to destroy planets one-by-one before conquering earth. In this issue, Rex multiples his gang of neophyte alien villains adding Bizarro Super boy, Black Adam, Doomsday, and others! The conflict rages on the planet Cygnus, where The Super Sons find the gang. There are some shocking moments, as Robin directs Super Boy to fight while he finds a way to stop Rex. Hex joins the fight to save the Super Sons but takes the full brunt of Rex’s aggression. How will things resolve themselves after General Tommy Tomorrow arrives with the grown up versions of The Super Sons to stop this prepubescent-protagonist?

This seemingly straightforward space adventure has a couple of twists that increase the sense of adventure. The writer foreshadows the events by showing older versions of Robin and Super boy recounting this adventure as their first big off-world caper. It was a nice touch given the level of aggression shown by Rex toward the heroes in the middle of the issue. Damian is consistently the heart and soul of this book because of his focused, intentional, and planful approach to tackling problems. Jonathan sometimes looks like a spineless follower; however, his lack of leadership is overcome by his pureness of heart that shows through by his loyalty to Damian.  

The visuals provide the highlight for this issue. Specifically, a full panel shows Robin and Super boy riding atop a train taking them to Cygnus. The scene is beautiful and captures the forward energy of the train with Robin and Super boy sitting on the front. The scene is a visual reminder of the leadership skills the duo has gained during this perilous adventure.

Overall = 8.5/10

Final Impressions

Robin and Super boy develop leadership skills and valued experience in this unforgettable space-adventure. I highly recommend this issue and would advise readers to catch up on previous issues before this 12-issue maxi-series comes to its conclusion.