The Wild Storm #22 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato

Avengers is not the only “endgame” in town the week. The characters in Wild Storm #22 are facing their own “endgame” on Earth with adversaries Skywatch and IO bound for all out planetary annihilation. The Authority assembles as a team – finally – which, let’s be real, has been slowly coming together for the last several issues. Glorious and bombastic visuals and intelligent, measured writing continues in, what is by now, the expected high bar for this series. Twenty-two chapters of Wild Storm down, two more to go.

Two words here. Jenny. Sparks. This issue is the one we monthly readers and all fans of Wild Storm have been expecting. The not yet named cast of misfits (but we know this is the Authority) come together to kick butt and make spaceships go boom. After a quick preamble jolt of IO’s Jackie King, the meat of this issue is the rogue outcasts (Jenny Sparks, the Doctor, the Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor) gathering where we left Midnighter and Apollo and more or less agreeing to be a team.
The beautiful art of Davis-Hunt is particularly spectacular in the final pages where all the big screen action scenes play out. This chapter really makes me look forward to the Wild Storm finale.
Warren Ellis’ Wild Storm is a comic book alone on shelves. No other title out there – at least to my limited knowledge – is remotely this well-paced, written, or drawn like this one. The relaunch or reinvention of the “wildstorm universe” has been a joy to read, but it feels like a title flying way, way below the comic community’s radar and that is kind of a shame. Enjoyed in trade or issue to issue, this is a fantastic series and one that I hope DC (with Ellis in a prime position) is prepared to spin off for years to come.