Naomi #4: Origins

Written by Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker
Art by Jamal Campbell
Letters by Wes Abbott

There is no hiding where DC’s fan base holds Bendis in regards to his writing on characters like Superman, or Batman. Naomi, for the first two issues were a breath of fresh air for it seemed Bendis finally found his spot in the DC Universe. Last issue left me with the rest of the fans. The issue was flat and didn’t go the way I wanted it. With issue four, I feel the average reader could flip a coin on how they feel about this issue.

Bendis gives us the origins of Naomi’s father, and how it intertwined with Dee’s, who we found out last issue was a Thanagarian. We also get a glimpse at how Naomi was put into her parents lives. This was a very quick read, and I wish Bendis and Walker would have given us just a bit more. The cliffhanger was good, but there just wasn’t enough content in this issue to have my mind completely blown. The reveal at the end will definitely awe fans and leave them with questions. Some may even question if there will be more roots of this origin in Bendis’ Walmart Batman book.

Jamal Campbell is still top notch on art and wouldn’t want him leaving any time soon. He’s the reason issue three was still good. His color palette keeps me glued to pages that don’t necessarily need a lot of focus. With such a short issue like this, it helps DC that Jamal’s art just draws people in.


You can get your copy of Naomi #4 at your local comic book shop or at the DC Comics website.