Batman #68 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Amanda Conner, Mikel Janin, and Dan Panosian
Colored by Elizabeth Breitweiser and Paul Mounts

Sometimes the worst nightmares show you everything you ever wanted only for you to know this isn’t real. It couldn’t be, could it? Well in Batman #68 we seemingly explore a missing chapter in the Bat Cat wedding: both Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s pre wedding night parties. But are things really as happy as they seem on the surface, or is this just another dream designed to torture and break the Bat? Let’s find out.

For those of you who remember Batman #37 “Double Date,” this book will seem very familiar because it plays out and is written in the same fun and playful way that issue was written. This book felt like a sequel to Batman #37 which was a much welcomed treat because we get to see a more personal side of Bruce and Selina, but also their “Double Date” co stars Lois and Clark, and I personally love the friendship we’ve seen develop between Lois and Selina. It’s like the type of womanly sisterhood bond I’ve always wanted myself.

This story follows two angles. The first we see Bruce and Clark not really knowing what to do with their night off from crime fighting and superhero obligations, so they just kinda watch football and play chess, which is exactly as dull and meaningless as it sounds. Clark even brings this up as a reason Bruce doesn’t want to not have to be Batman anymore, but it’s in this scene that Clark also says something that gets you to realize this can’t be a flashback: it’s another nightmare. And if WE picked this up, I’m sure Batman did too.

The second perspective of this issue follows Selina and Lois’s drunken wild night of fun which starts off several drinks already into their night where we see Supergirl bringing the two women to the Fortress of Solitude where they indulge in exotic drinks and wines, taking colorful bubble baths, trying on outfits and watching a private striptease of Superman (or rather Supermen) all to be followed by massages to wrap up the night. I gotta say this was by far my personal favorite part of the issue as we don’t often get to see this side of these characters or get many examples of the perfect night out with your super best gal pal. I also thought these scenes had the most humor which this book seems to mostly be focused on, and I feel like once again Tom King has displayed that he knows how to deliver lighthearted laughter in an out of the box way, and I loved that.

Ultimately I felt like this issue does a great job of showing us a side of these characters that isn’t often on display. We really get to shine a light into the people behind the capes and cowls and leather and whips, and we get to go beyond their jobs as heroes and reporters or their positions as profiteers and we really get to have one fun night before everything gets real, before we start to wake up from our dream and realize that it never was, because for Batman as one dream ends, the next nightmare is always on its way.

I give Batman #68 a 8 out of 10