Go Go Power Rangers #19- Life of a teenager hero is still a life full of teenage stuff.

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Eleonora Carlini
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Ryan Parrott has shown the Power Rangers fight evil alien witches, giant pigs, and gross squishy things called Putties, it’s time to see a little more into their every day teenage lives. And it hits close to home for anyone who has been a teenager. A sub theme in this issue, mother/daughter drama, comes from both sides of this story. First with Rita and her “dead(ish)” mother, Rita clearly gets her evil tendencies from her father’s side of the family. It’s something her mother has been eluding to since her appearance a couple issues back.

Rita and her Mother, Go Go Power Rangers #19 Preview from BOOM! Studios

We get a little more family drama when Kimberly is introduced into the issue. Kim has been caught in the middle of her parents divorce for some time since the start of the series, but now Ryan Parrott seems to be pushing her story a little more, showing how it may be effecting her time with the rest of the team. Kimberly ends up yelling at her mother, really speaking truthfully. The emotion from Kimberly can be seen amazingly through Eleonora’s art with facial expressions from both Kimberly and the reaction from her mother.

The rest of the issue basically deals with teenagers being teenagers, but two very different situations. Trini and Jason seem to still not really understand what they are, but at the same time know that there are basic rules for what they may or may not be. If that doesn’t make sense, then you have officially entered the brain of a teenager. Relationships are complicated, especially as a teenager in high school, and even more so if that relationship is with a member of your superhero team. Jason doesn’t really know who to talk to about this with (Trini and Jason are still trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the team.), so he talks to his guidance counselor at school. She ultimately gives him helpful advice, but to be honest, the advice would have never worked in life outside of a comic book.

What would the Power Rangers be without the dynamic duo, Zach and Billy? Billy is hard at work finding more ways the team can improve their time in the field as Rangers. The latest invention being something that just reminds me of a Red Ranger Battlizer. Something that Billy intends for each Ranger to have. Unfortunately there seems to be a malfunction in Billy’s design and Zordon questions its immediate use for the safety of the team. Zach seems to see this as Zordon always seeing the team as nothing but children, with Zach thinking this way, it’s easy to assume that we may see some teenage rebellion in the next issue or two.

A nice easter egg and quite possibly a teaser for what fans may see in the future, was the introduction of the Tenga Warriors in this comic book universe of the Power Rangers. Most fans will recognize the Tenga Warriors from the Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). Awesome to see Ryan Parrott using more characters in the Power Ranger mythos and would love to see more in the future.

Introduction to Tenga Warriors, Go Go Power Rangers #19 Preview from BOOM! Studios


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