Green Lantern #6 Review

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colors: Steve Oliff

In Green Lantern #6 Blackstar Parallax (Hal Jordan) has one more test of loyalty before he can get his face to face with Controller Mu. The former Green Lantern of Sector 2814 struggles with the idea of murdering friend and Protector of Rann, Adam Strange, but his mission is clear. Controller Mu must be taken out, no matter the cost.

Well… that was intense. This issue gave me more anxiety than a comic book probably should, but I loved every second of it. The voice I hear in my head anytime I read Controller Mu’s words makes a chill run down my spine every time. Even re-reading it for a second and third time; chills. The artwork works on a lot of levels with this issue as well and is (again. What a surprise) a big reason why I loved this issue.

Liam Sharp and Steve Oliff’s artwork is gorgeous. It also works in perfect tandem with Morrison’s words. This team, for me, is one of the best when it comes to telling a story through artwork and through the script. You can sense the respect they have for each other’s skill sets, and the trust they have that each person will add an additional layer of life to the story. Morrison doesn’t spoon feed you the struggle that Hal is going through by giving all the exposition in a 3 page inner monologue, he has Sharpe and Oliff show you. You feel it.

For me, the aspect of the artwork that struck me the most was the eyes. You never get a sense of what Hal will do when it comes time to duel Strange. You can see the cogs turning in Hal’s head as he searches for a way to prevent killing his friend and his mission. The pain in Alanna’s eyes got me. That’s right. I don’t care. Judge me if you must. It choked me up real good. Even what’s going on in Strange’s head is heightened. We get the obvious confusion from Morrison’s script, but his true confusion, and fear, comes through the artwork so much louder.

Without spoiling it, the final pages are beautiful and makes me want to vomit so many questions about what will happen in 7, but again… spoilers.

Controller Mu’s story has most definitely hit its climax in this issue, but it also feels like Mu’s story is far from its conclusion. We get a get a clearer picture of Mu’s vision for the universe, though the how is still a bit of a question. With one more component to gather for the “Ultimate Asset” to be realized, it looks like we will see the full picture soon.

As I said earlier, Mu’s script send chills down my spine. I hear a calm sinister voice even when death is all around and he is threatening to disassemble someone’s psyche. Morrison also does a great job of constantly heightening the evil that makes Mu such a great big bad. He knows more than anyone thinks and he doesn’t care about life; not even his own.

Mu’s story is on hold right now while Hal goes down another rabbit hole for a bit. The final pages send Hal to a place where no Lantern wants to be for very long, and there we find a familiar rhyming magician.

Green Lantern #6 is an exciting conclusion to the first chapter of Controller Mu’s larger story. The artwork heightens the tension that is inherent to an issue where Hal Jordan has to kill Adam Strange. I’ve read this issue 3 times now, and each time I like it even more than the previous read. You are sucked in from the start and it leaves you wondering what is next for Mu. Before we find out, we need a break and I am very excited to see what Morrison, Sharp, and Oliff do with our new big bad and the emerald wasteland Hal finds himself trapped in.