Adventures of the Super Sons #9

Peter J. Tomasi, writer
Scott Godlewski, pencils & inks
Protobunker, colors
Rob Leigh, letters

In the previous issue, the Super Sons team up with a Green Lantern in training, Al-X, to escape from the prison planet of Takron Galtos. This issue begins, a new character named “Hex”, a robot-bounty hunter, is rescued from a group of bad guys by The Super Sons, and AI-X. Hex, learns that they escaped from the prison planet but promises to help them get to Engine City, where he says they can find transport to earth. Before they get aboard the train at Central Station, they face a group of robot-security guards, AI-X frees Hex from the computer program that keeps him on that planet, and they leave together to face Rex, the leader of the kid-alien villains, who has arrived at earth and plans to destroy the planet.

The interesting part of this adventure surrounds Hex, an AI-cowboy who aids the Super Sons. He adds depth to the story through giving the reader a history of his involvement with the criminal elements on the various planets. Robin and Super Boy play out similar story beats, with Jonathan being quick to trust and Damian questioning everything. However, the inclusion of the AI-X makes the story come to life because he’s super-smart and knows his way around technology. He’s a Green Lantern in training, and his experience in their training program provides a ground-level perspective and cool shout outs. Like his declaration that Hal Jordan is the favorite of all Green Lantern trainees.

The art is amazing in some places while just good in others. The depictions of the character riding horses into Central Station is detailed, well-colored, and supports the high-speed, high-stakes, feeling in the story. In other parts, I noticed that the background’s scenery was not developed at all which made the panels feel sparse. However, the scenes of the team camping out with a fire burning were well-rendered and the action sequences really flowed nicely.

Overall 8.5/10

Final Impressions

This issue felt like a return to form for this up-and-down maxi-series. The heroes were invigorated by the presence of AI-X, and the stakes were elevated by Rex’s arrival at earth. I am interested in seeing how this story resolves itself as it enters the final stretch. I highly recommend this book to fans of Robin and Super Boy.