Man Eaters #7

Written by: Chelsea Cain
Art by: Kate Niemczyk
Colors by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters by: Joe Caramagna

Last month I wrote about how I was losing patience with Man Eaters. My main complaint was that so much of the issue jumps around in the timeline and so little time was spent on developing the characters in a meaningful way. For issue 7, the first issue after the release of the first TP, the story is finally being pushed forward.

In the past 6 issues we’ve gleaned that Maude and her friends have stopped drinking the government mandated estrogen laced tap water, and instead have started drinking estrogen free sodas, marketed at boys. In issue 7 the consequences of this decision and the mysterious disappearance of one of Maude’s friends, is finally addressed. Almost addressed. Someone says out loud what has been happening, but motivations as to why, and a clear indication of what the consequences are or have been so far, is still vague.

What is clear in this issue is Maude’s relationship with her parents. The admiration for her mother, and the love for her father are clear in these pages. And the different ways in which her parents step in to protect her and stand by her side are bits of character development the comic does well.

More and more of the fake adverts in Man Eaters are being replaced with poetry, and I’m not mad at this. I much prefer reading some abstract pieces than the heavy handed satire of the adverts that the comics are peppered so heavily with. The art direction for the comic seems to be finding its way to a more subtle place, where the jokes and the art are well balanced, and neither one overpowers the other.

Although this issue tries to push the story forward more than the previous 3 issues may have, the pacing and reliance on repetitive cliffhangers is still frustrating. I’m hoping this comic picks up the pace and gives some kind of resolution to the story that has been teased for over half a year.


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