Hex Wives #5 & #6

Written by: Ben Blacker
Art by: Mirka Andolfo
Colors by: Marissa Louise
Letters by: Josh Reed

These are the final 2 issues of Hex Wives for the series that Vertigo commissioned so far. And if these two issues don’t convince the publisher to commit to at least 6 more, I don’t know what will. Ben Blacker has written a comic that managed to be dark and funny, and making you want to keep reading forever.

In the final two issues the witches of the cul-de-sac find out they each have powers, and that their husbands are not who they say they are. And they act on this information fast. They don’t spend a lot of time hiding their powers away and trying to figure out this mystery in their own time. Instead they stick together to make sure their powers are the strongest, and they confront their terrible husbands immediately.

The anger about the situation explodes out of these women. Not only were they lied to, but they were controlled by all these microaggressions and belittling comments. By men who were so afraid of these women, who they knew would set them on fire if only they knew they were able to. This comic has been building the tension and the unease of seeing these characters be so subdued when everyone else knows they are capable of doing so much more. In these last two issues we get the catharsis of the characters knowing what the reader has known from the start.

Beyond a cathartic read, it is also very funny. There is a scene in which Margeaux the cat does some unspeakable things that had me laughing out loud. And the final issue includes a makeover scene that finally allows these witches to move out of the swinging sixties and into the 21st century.

I hold out hope that Vertigo commissions many more arcs for Hex Wives; it’s one of the most skillfully written new comics I’ve seen for a long time.


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