Heroes in Crisis #7 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Fornes, Clay Mann, and Travis Moore
Colored by Tomeu Morey

In issue 7 of Heroes in Crisis we learn that this series is just as much about hope and rebirth as it is about pain and death. We follow the path of revenge and failed heroes with Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. We wait for knowledge at a frantic pace with Batman and Flash, and we gain a better understanding of the Crisis that has been building up since the start of Rebirth. When it’s all over we’ll ask ourselves if our sins can be forgiven and if hope can ever fully be restored.

The story and events seem to really be building up at a fast pace in this issue as we begin getting closer to finding out all the answer we’ve been seeking since the series started several months ago. Having said that, we still haven’t actually gotten any answers, but instead we’re adding in quite a few more questions that definitely piqued my interest and overall excitement in the story. I can’t wan’t to see where this all goes, and how writer Tom King plans to wrap the series up in the final two issues.

Once again, not enough words can be said about just how amazing and beautiful the artwork by artist Clay Mann truly is in this issue and the series as a whole. With the exception of Batman and Barry Allen, his renditions of all the other appearing characters have easily become my favorite interpretations of these classic heroes. I love everything about the way Clay Mann has drawn Wally West in this series, and the way he has captured all of these complex feelings and emotions. There’s something very special about seeing the emotional change and range that is on display here, and some of the images in this issue have become my favorite pictures of some of my favorite Heroes in Crisis.

Spoiler Section

OK loyal fans and true believers, now’s the part of the review where we will briefly talk about the happenings in this issue and what they could mean for the series overall. So first off this issue takes place five days after the tragic deaths at the Sanctuary facility, where so many heroes seemingly lost their lives, but we learn that Wally West isn’t dead. Well, not yet, because the body that was found of Wally was 5 days too old which means that today is the day Wally should die and be brought back in time to the start of this series. So that means there’s a chance to save him now, but the only problem is that the task is going to be tackled by Blue and Gold and the Dynamicker Duo.

Luckily we also have two of the greatest heroes and detectives working from afar to hopefully help out the other four would be heroes. In this issue we see how Batman is trying to figure things out by waiting for an alarm to trigger that will alert him to Booster’s location. Meanwhile, the Flash is running at lightning speeds to search through every continent one by one looking for Booster and the others. This segment in the issue is actually quite funny mainly because of the humorous way the dialogue is written between Batman and Flash as they both keep each other updated on their progress.

The Biggest revelation in this book shows us Wally West alive in a field surrounded by flowers as he reflects his life and loses and what brought him here to this day five days after the Sanctuary event. We then see a spark of hope flick out of Wally’s finger and zap a flower which causes the flower to grow and bloom. We then see the rebirth of Poison Ivy from that flower.

It’s here where we see Wally drop to his knees and apologize to Pamela. She doesn’t understand because Wally has brought her back to life, and we then learn a secret that could very well be the key element in this story. Wally West is going to die, except we see that there’s two Wally West Flashes here in the field and one of them is doomed, but what does this mean? Well, that’s a story for another day in the next issue of Heroes in Crisis.

Ultimately this issue serves as a bridge between what we already know and what we’re all about to find out, as we see all the chess pieces moving into place for the final two issues in what looks to be a very exciting end to an interesting story that has sent shock waves through the DC Comics fandom and the DC Comics Universe. I for one can’t wait to race to that final line faster than the Fastest Man Alive, which is Wally West!

I give Heroes in Crisis #7 a 9 out of 10