The Wild Storm #21 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato

Twenty-one comics is a lot of comics. As of this week I will have read a new Wild Storm comic twenty-one times, shaking head, smirking face and thumb to page, flipped the cover to read a story so wonderfully realized and delivered, one might think this is the norm for comics. It is not. This is a higher plain of creativity and writer Warren Ellis and artist Jon Davis-Hunt should be praised for this magnificent achievement. Every month I thank the Lord Emp as this beautifully twisted story blows my mind and pops my eyeballs.

After Midnighter and Apollo boom bang action in the last issue we are once again treated to the delightfully witty banter of the proto-Authority, as written by Warren Ellis, and lots of threats from the warring groups set up in this storm. Choke full of jokes and apocalyptic asides in equal measure, the joy of reading Ellis is here in ample supply. Of course the trend of not much happening in terms of plot can be slightly frustrating, but with such a fun read it is easy to forget that this is all preamble. The team we all know as the Authority still haven’t gathered officially, yet they spoke of their plans to save the planet and in bombastic terms.

IO and Skywatch are minutes away from all out war, which I believe they may have mentioned way back in chapter six! My chief complaint is I feel I know the characters well enough that some change is needed now to move the story forward. Though I imagine issue twenty-four will end with the Authority launching an all new adventure and just barely wrapping this whole Wild Storm reintroduced universe up.

The art of course is flawless and wonderful so as the slow build in plot smolders we can all sit back gobsmacked at the genius visuals of Jon Davis-Hunt. Last page…to be continued…that’s it. Twenty-one chapters down and only four more to go.