Justice League #20 Review

Written by Jorge Jimenez and Scott Snyder
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez
Colored by Alejandro Sanchez

Justice League #20 brings us on a cosmic journey into the Sixth Dimension. A realm that’s beyond the imagination of almost all living beings. A realm of the impossible where the Multiverse was designed and set into motion. A place that serves as DC Comic’s multiversal control room, and more importantly to this story a place where Superman will travel to learn a way to save the Multiverse and stop Perpetua from being unleashed.

Our heroes journey to the Sixth Dimension with the “help” of Mr Mxyzptlk, who is an Imp from the Fifth Dimension and a long time antagonist of our pal Superman. Mr Mxyzptlk’s powers are seemingly incomparable to most as he can warp and bend reality to anything he sees fit.

At the end of the previous issue it was revealed that only Superman’s mind could handle being in this realm as over the years Mr Mxyzptlk has slowly infused Superman with Fifth Dimensional energy. So after the Justice League discuss their options Mr Mxyzptlk uses his powers to open a door to the Sixth Dimension and Superman walks in looking for answers.

We then see that as soon as Superman walks into the door a much older and almost godly looking Superman walks out and tells the League that he’s found a way and he brings the rest of the League through the door where they are greeted by older and more godlike versions of themselves living in a radiant utopia.

During the events of Justice League #20 we are shown what is essentially perfect futures for all our heroes. Peaceful utopias where each heroes city or nation is beyond beautiful and ideal, a future without crime or villains, a future where Gotham city is bright and out of the shadows, a future where Wonder Woman completed her life work with help of her amazon sisters, Vixen, Supergirl and Poison Ivy. Ivy being alive here does confuse me though as she was said to be one of the people who died during the event Heroes in Crisis, so this could be a hint to that story or simply an oversight.

Within the Sixth Dimension’s Utopian future it’s not only the places and accomplishments that seemed to have evolved but we also learn that our heroes themselves have also grown and evolved into their best selves. The most interesting example of this evolution is this futures Flash, who we see as what seems like Barry or Bart Allen in a white and gold suit similar to Godpeed’s. But behind this Flash we see the aura of Wally West and Barry Allen’s Flash. It appears as though Wally and Barry have found a way to vibrate at such a frequency that the two are able to work together to be one perfect Flash. The only disappointment I had with this is that it’s never actually explained what’s happening with this Flash, so i hoped that’s expanded upon in future issues.

The further we explore this seemingly perfect future, the more things start to seem too good to be true or possible. It’s like our heroes are being distracted so something else can happen within our dimension, and as the story goes on we learn that’s the case. The Legion of Doom in their attempt to revive Perpetua try to take control of Mr Mxyzptlk to use his endless power to aide in their dark mission.

While all these events are happening within the Sixth Dimension and what The Legion of Doom is up to in our dimension, we see the real Superman, our Superman, was actually sent somewhere else when he walked through Mr Mxyzptlk’s door. He was sent to a realm of darkness and dead bodies, a prison that Clark has been trying and failing to escape, and with each failure Superman falls a little harder until he realizes that he’s going to have to ask himself some tough questions if he ever hopes to escape. But as he sees, sometimes facing yourself can be the hardest thing you never knew you’d have to do.

I absolutely loved this issue, it had so many awesome moments and excellent concepts that all intrigued me and left my mind with a sense of wonder. I really enjoyed the concept art and suits of all the members of this Sixth Dimension’s future Justice League. My favorite by far was The Flash’s and my least favorite was Batman’s as it was the only one that seemed kinda boring and went against the white and gold suits the others all dawned, although it was great to see the man under the cowl.

This issue truly came out the doorway firing on all cylinders. The pacing was great as events moved along at a steady pace where I never felt a moment of boredom while reading through. I feel like the artwork was quite beautiful and impressive and I loved all the new concepts of the DC Comic’s future world and its future heroes. Series writer Scott Snyder does an amazing job with crafting a story that has engaged my mind and made me wonder many things about this potential future and its heroes. He also does a great job at using this chapter to push along the overarching story forward in a big way, moving us closer to a battle with Perpetua that I’m hoping will be something special and worthwhile and after this issue I’d like to think that it will be.

Ultimately I think DC Comics and artist Jorge Jimenez and colorist Alejandro Sanchez as well as writer Scott Snyder all did a perfect job worthy of the utopia that they have depicted in this chapter of Justice League, and I feel excited for how this story will play out in future issues as we continue to dive deeper in our quest for answers. On a final note, I wanted to give a special shout out to the greatest Robin ever who makes his heroic debut in this story, truly a star is born here and I love it.

I give Justice League #20 a 10 out of 10