Hawkman #10: I am Hawkman

Written by Robert Venditti
Art by Bryan Hitch & Andrew Currie
Colors by Jeremiah Skipper
Letters by Starkings & Comicraft

Carter Hall’s travels through space and time finally pay off in the great invasion of Carter’s former army, the Deathbringers. Until now Carter had more questions than he had answers on his adventure to learn more about his past. The only thing that was concrete was learning about his curse as Hawkman.

This issue of Hawkman has to be the most cinematic comic I have read in a very long time. Every panel flowed perfectly with the story. The art team continues to do amazing things with Hawkman, even with the subtle things. The way Bryan Hitch, Starkings, and Comicraft make even the sun, a normal every day object, into this majestic piece of the story makes my jaw drop.

Idamm had the upper hand in the majority of this book. Hundreds if not thousands to one, but Carter’s life, or better yet “lives”, had something to say about that. The game changer of this story was presented in the only way Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch know how to present such awesome moments in their story, a great splash page of something Hawkman fans never thought was possible. With (Spoilers) now joining the fight, even Idamm was in awe before he (spoilers).

This issue feels like the beginning of the end, as I’ve said in the past, with all the fun I’m having with Robert’s run on the series. It will be hard to follow such an epic story. With solicitations for May already out, we know this story will end at issue 12 but there is no evidence that shows the title will continue after. So with the possibility of only two issues left. I expect nothing but greatness from this amazing creative team for the conclusion of what may be the best Hawkman story ever.


You can purchase your copy of Hawkman #10 at your local comic book store or online at the DC Comics website.