My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #75 Review

Written by, Katie Cook & Andy Price
Art by, Andy Price
Colors, Heather Breckel
Letters by, Neil Uyetake

The story begins, “A long time ago” and shows a donkey named Discord in a discussion with two other anthropomorphic characters who resemble a cat and a dog. The scene foreshadows a larger adventure that would involve My Little Ponies as they unravel a mystery they discovered in the present. Twilight leads the ponies as they pursue a series of gems that were cast to earth when the Andalusian Constellation mysteriously went dark casting the stars to earth. It turns out that Discord has special knowledge about the scope and depth of the problem, but he’s unwilling to help for fear of Cosmos, the previous keeper of all the gems. Ironically, Discord must face Cosmos when the ponies track the gems back to her.

My Little Ponies are often called upon to save the earth when a large crisis threatens the planet. This story begins innocently enough with lots of puns and references to previous adventures. It takes a turn toward a more serious plot when the gem Twilight discovers is connected to a larger narrative: previously Cosmos possessed all the gems and threatened the very existence of the planet. The story provides a nice little reminder, through Discord’s avoidance of facing his fears, the importance of tackling problems head on and the importance of recognizing the role our friends and allies have in giving us courage.

The playful banter between characters is easily the highlight of the book. The ponies take turns cracking on each other and utilizing puns to make things humorous. The book is definitely for children; however, I found it entertaining as an adult. For example, when one of the ponies mentions their desire to buy more things, another cautions against it due to the amount of things they currently have in the home that they cannot store:  “It’s called hoarding, and it’s usually something only dragons do.” Another noteworthy situation occurs when two ponies discuss the hair products they use to keep their manes clean and soft: “There’s never an issue more important than mane maintenance and upkeep.” Both quotes are examples of the quippy humor that is for children but adults can also appreciate.

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

My Little Pony is a wonderfully creative story about courage, friendship, and the importance of staying true to our values and loyal to our friends. I highly recommend this book for children and also parents and caregivers of small children.